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Man Seriously Injured in School Gas Explosion

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A man has suffered third-degree burns in a gas explosion at a school in Sydney's south-west.

The 54-year-old school crossing guard suffered the burns to 60 per cent of his body when the explosion ripped through the canteen of Unity Grammar College in Austral around 9:00am (AEDT).

The principal, Walid Ahli, says there was a classroom of children just 20 metres away.

Police spokesman Sean Fewings says the school was placed in lockdown until emergency workers stopped the flow of gas and declared the scene safe.

"The decision was made to allow students to return home mainly because although it was safe, there was no provision to feed them because the canteen was part of the blast scene," he said.

The injured man was airlifted to Royal North Shore Hospital.

Reported by ABC News: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/02/10/2815244.htm

Safety Tip: 

Natural and bottled gas has the potential for major incident. 

How are your gas storage and usage practices?

Do you have no smoking signs in areas where bottles or gas is located?

Are gas bottles in date?

Are bottles safely stored?

Have people been trained in the how to safely use gas systems (eg:  heating and cooking appliances)?

Have items been installed by a qualified person (eg:  gas fitter)?

Where required are monitoring systems in place to detect a gas leak?


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