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Safety Plan for tenders

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Many businesses tender for government or private jobs and need to supply a safety management plan.   EasyOHS makes this process easy.

As a member of EasyOHS you have access (in the members area) to free downloadable templates, which include a full template for a safety management plan based on your business using the EasyOHS software. 

The plan includes screen shots, templates and everything needed to show the tender organisation that you are serious about safety.

The key to managing the safety aspects of a tender proposal are to make sure you check off what is being asked for by the tender organisation and making sure you supply it. 

We have dealt with many tender applications and the usual items you may be requested to supply are:

  • An OHS Policy
  • Consultation arrangements
  • Safe work procedures (eg:  JSA, SWP, SWMS)
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments
  • Chemical Register
  • Alcohol and drug policies
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Heights safety

EasyOHS can help take the stress out of this process by supplying a full template which can be easily adapted to suit the tender application.   In addition if you are audited by the tender organisation, you will be able to show them your EasyOHS system which will confirm you have systems to manage compliance in the key areas.

If you get stuck with anything EasyOHS resident safety experts can assist you to comply.

Stay safe for now

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