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Insulation Scheme Charges Against QLD Business

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) has welcomed an examination of employer involvement in the Federal Government's failed insulation scheme. Charges have been laid against a south-east Queensland company over the death of an insulation installer, south of Brisbane, last year.

Matthew Fuller, 25, was electrocuted as he installed reflective foil at a Meadowbrook home in October and a 18-year-old female co-worker suffered severe burns.

Queensland's Department of Justice and Attorney-General charged Beenleigh company QHI Installations, its director, and its manager under the Electrical Safety Act yesterday.

The Department alleges the business failed to conduct its business or undertaking in a way that was electrically safe.

It also alleges director Christopher William McKay and his father, company manager Christopher John McKay, failed to ensure the company complied with its obligations under the Act.

QCU spokesman Ron Monaghan says employers need to be held responsible for the health and safety of workers.

"In every other industry in Australia, from steel-making right down to contract cleaning, an employer is charged with the health and safety of their employees and that's just a normal course of events," he said.

"No matter where the money comes from - you cannot deny that that is the role of the employer and that should never be overlooked."

Reported by ABC News


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