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National Campaign - Scaffolding Inspections

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The safety of scaffolding in the construction industry will receive attention from South Australian workplace safety inspectors as part of a national campaign.


Recent scaffolding-related incidents in Queensland, NSW and Victoria have prompted Australia's workplace safety authorities to mount a national campaign through the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities (HWSA).

This will see inspectors from all states visit residential and commercial construction sites to ensure that safe work procedures are in place to address the risks of erecting and using scaffolding.

"The aim of the on-site advisory visits is to raise awareness of safety issues relating to scaffolding as well as improve the ability of contractors, employers and workers to identify, assess and control the hazards and risks associated with scaffolding," says Safework SA executive director, Michele Patterson.

"We also intend to increase the capability among trades linked to construction, such as form workers, bricklayers, tilers and painters, to identify, assess and control the risks of working with scaffolding."

The campaign will include random site visits throughout August and September.


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