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Volunteers Warning About New Safety Laws

Friday, January 18, 2013

Organisations which rely heavily on volunteers are warning they will have to have cut back on services because of changes to health and safety laws around the nation. Read Full Article

EasyOHS Version 6.0 Safety Software Harmonisation Pack

Saturday, June 12, 2010

EasyOHS is proud to annouce our much anticipated Version 6 safety software program has been released. 

Current members can upgrade through the check for updates tab in their system. 

So what has changed?

We have spent considerable time reviewing the so called 'harmonisation' of national safety laws and commenced to update our program to align with the requirements. Read Full Article

Crisis Looms for Australian OHS Laws

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The enforcement of workplace safety law in Australia and in particulatr NSW faces a potential crisis next month when a test case will determine if the state's WorkCover authority will need to abandon or re-plead hundreds of flawed prosecutions.

The test case, before a four-judge bench of the state Industrial Court, was initiated by WorkCover after the agency was confronted by fresh legal challenges to the way it has been applying occupational health and safety law.  Queensland prosecutions are also in doubt in light of the Kirk case.   The ramifications will touch all Australian jurisdictions.   Read Full Article

Huge Ramifications for OHS over Kirk High Court Decision

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Middletons Lawyers has reviewed the recent High Court decision regarding Kirk v Workcover NSW and advise this case will have dramatic repercussions for occupational health and safety prosecutions in New South Wales and across Australia.

Most importantly, the decision does not mean that the level of safety that must be provided by employers has in any way been diminished. It will be more important than ever for employers to implement comprehensive safety systems.

Employers will now be able to rely on the quality of their systems to assist them in successfully defending any prosecutions.  Read Full Article

National OHS Laws - Reckless Conduct - $3,000,000 Fine

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Warning - New Safety Laws on Track
Set out below is an extract from the Model Work Health and Safety Bill prepared by the Parliamentary Counsel Committee and approved by the Workplace Relations Ministers' Council on the 11th December 2009.  A full copy of the model can be found here - Model Work Health and Safety Bill. We will be bringing you regular updates and reviews of various sections of the proposed harmonisation laws.

Employers should be on notice, that the fines for non compliance in any of the nominated compliance areas (if enacted) are very substantial.  For example, for reckless conduct regarding workplace safety the offences and penalties include 5 years imprisonment and fines of up three million dollars. Read Full Article


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