Easy OHS

BTW communications

BTW communications, one of Australia's leading communication equipment suppliers has five sites and needed to get on top of their workplace safety requirements.  The system is run by the repair manager who loves the system and is easily managing compliance requirements across multiple sites.

Julia opted to have the EasyOHS package pre-installed on a laptop, which can then be taken to multiple sites if needed. 

Julia is using the system regularly to keep on top of all her workplace safety requirements and to assist in tendering for contracts.   Julia recently conducted a workplace safety assessment using the EasyOHS system and forwarded the compliance graph (which is automatically generated) to the tender organisation.  Needless to say they were very impressed with the commitment and systems BTW has set up through EasyOHS.

Julia recognises the advantages of being member so that she can get tips, news and regular updates.  Also it is great to know that if additional help is needed it is only an email or phone call away. 

Customers website: http://www.btw.com.au

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